I was born in Michigan in the late ‘80's and had a “normal” upbringing for that time.  My dad was a bigger guy and I always remember wanting to grow up and be strong like him.Problem was as time passed and I was supposed to be getting bigger it didn’t happen. I kinda got “stuck”. I did everything I could think of to gain muscle – endless pushups, tons of pull-ups, ate until I felt like puking…but nothing seemed to work.I resigned to the fact that I was never going to be big as my dad – and that was that.A few years went by and I Kept working-out with little gains.But little did I know a turning point was right around the corner in the form of Knowledge.I started spending all my free time and money (on learning all I could about Hormones, supplements, lifting and diet. I started lifting real weights, eating right, taking supplements and training with intensity – my extreme desire to be like my father fueled every workout and training session.By the time I got married, I was bigger and more cut than ever.The only guys that looked as good or better than me with their shirts off were people with the same passion. At my best I was 6’2”, 220lbs and 7% body fat.  Arguably not that hard to do when you’re in your early 30s with all the testosterone in your system, but hey – it still took work and disciplined consistency.I never competed – that wasn’t what it was about for me.  It was about my self-esteem and continually pushing myself to DO better and BE better…KNOWING that I was in control of how I looked, felt, and performed. As you can imagine, my confidence had grown from my early days of being stuck in my weak body.After getting tired of doing the same old things all the time I took a job with my dad pouring concrete and going door-to-door, for sales.Sales was not my idea of a good time…initially.But after a while I got the hang of it and as it turns out, I was a heck of a salesman!I eventually got better at my job and learned a lot about business, people, sales, and myself.
 Fast forward a couple years… “Supplement Boom”.Bodybuilding and fitness became more mainstream and more people are trying to get in shape. The market is flooded with supplements from dozens of companies all touting their miracle formulas for adding lean mass, burning fat, and boosting libido.What guy doesn’t want to be huge, ripped, and be able to go all night long, right?Problem was, most of the stuff was complete garbage.Total waste of money, and you usually got a nice dose of unpleasant side effects with most of the stuff Anyways.I continually found myself saying, “If I made this, It would actually do what it’s supposed to!”After awhile I decided I’d do something about it and dug in to learning how to build and run a supplement company.  I figured with my new-found business and sales experience and my knowledge of and love for bodybuilding it couldn’t be that hard.Turns out running a business is harder than it looks from the outside, and I still have many lessons to learn and things to understand about the ins and outs of the supplement industry. But I will never give up on my customers because I too know what its like to struggle to work hard, see little results and to try supplements that don’t work. I hope you have found your turning point here at BILL’S GYM because we care..